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Pacific Security Systems in Mumbai, India

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Isolator Module

Isolator Module SIGA-IM
Isolator Module

The SIGA-IM Isolator Module is part of GE Security's Signature Series system. This intelligent device enables part of the Signature data loop to continue operating should a short circuit occur. The module can be wired into a Class A data loop at any point. If a fault occurs, the isolator cuts power to all devices beyond the isolator on the loop as follows:
• a short on the line causes all isolators to open within 23 msec.
• at 10 msec intervals, beginning on one side of the Class A circuit nearest the loop controller, the isolators close to provide the next isolator down the line with power.
• when the isolator next to the short closes, it reopens within 10 msec.

Once activated, the line fault isolator continuously checks the faulted side of the loop to determine if the short still exists. When the fault is removed, the module automatically restores the entire data loop to the normal condition.

The microprocessor in every Signature module provides at least three important benefits - Self-diagnostics and History Log, Automatic Device Mapping, and Fast, Stable Communication.

Self-diagnostics and History Log - Each Signature Series module constantly runs self-checks to provide important maintenance information. This information is automatically updated and permanently stored in the module's non-volatile memory and is accessible for review any time using the SIGA-PRO Signature Program / Service Tool.

Standard Features
  • Automatic device mapping Each module transmits wiring information to the loop controller regarding its location with respect to other devices on the circuit.
  • Electronic addressing Addresses are downloaded and permanently stored from a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program / Service Tool. There are no switches or dials to set.
  • Ground fault detection by address Detects ground faults right down to the device level.
  • Self-restoring
  • 2-gang mounting
  • Designed to ISO 9001 standards