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Honeywell Fire Alarm System

Honeywell Fire Alarm System

Heat Detector Repeater Smoke Detector
Addressable Manual
Call Point
Addressable Loop Sounders
Addressable Control Module Addressable Monitor Module  

Honeywell Fire Alarm Panel

Honeywell Fire Alarm Panel
The MS-9200 is designed for smaller buildings and supports up to 198 addressable devices on one loop. The MS-9600 can support up to 318 devices on one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) or a total of 636 addressable points with an optional second loop (SLC-2). Additionally, the MS-9600 offers an optional 14.4K Baud modem (DACT-UD) for remote site upload/download and/or remote monitoring.

The MS-9200UD is the newest and most technologically advanced of the three panels. By crossing both the MS-9200 and MS-9600 users get a smart new solution that is heavy on features and light on cost. The MS-9200UD features a built-in communicator, remote site upload/download capability, and selectable strobe synchronization. The built-in communicator is compatible with 14 different formats, including the popular Ademco Contact ID. This allows the reporting of addressable point or software zone status without having to purchase an optional DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter).
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