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Pacific Security Systems in Mumbai, India

EST3 Fire Alarm System

EST3 Fire Alarm Panel Smoke Detector Heat Detector
Intelligent 3D Multisensor Detector Intelligent Break Glass
Call Point
Strobes, Horns, Bells & Chimes
Isolator Module  

FireWorks Graphical Command Interface

FireWorks Graphical Command Interface Application and Operation
EST3 System
Standard Features
  • Listings include MNEC, Life Safety, Access Control, Central, Remote and Proprietary Station operation
  • Event-driven configurable multiple viewport display Automatic prioritization of events simplifies the system.
  • Software-only versions For annunciation-only applications where agency listing/approvals are not required.
  • Monitor and control for single or multi-line Life Safety networks
  • Email events to multiple recipients
  • Web Client options allow for remote diagnostics, textual event and status viewing along with running reports
  • Optionally view textual events and run reports remotely via an Internet, LAN or WAN connection
  • Password-defined user access
  • Context-sensitive event action messages Provides event-specific instructional text.
  • Use native graphic formats to create event maps Import most standard graphic formats, such as wmf, dwg.
  • Optional network solutions available Listed, rugged networking solutions can be used for command/control, VoIP as well as annunciation.
  • Optional Digital Alarm Receiver Connectivity Optional DACR and IP solutions for interfacing with Edwards and/or third-party fire/life safety and security panels.

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