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Pacific Security Systems in Mumbai, India


Data Converter
data converter
Electro Magnetic Lock
electro megnetic lock
electro megnetic lock
Magnetic locks are used in high security areas where you need to monitor the movement of people. Since people are required to use their access cards in both directions, you can track who enters and leaves a secure area.

The locking system uses an electromagnetic and armature plate to secure the door. The electromagnet is attached to the door frame while the armature plate is attached to the door. A current passes through the electromagnetic so that it is magnetically attracted to the armature plate holding the door closed. The magnetic strength can provide over 1500 lbs. of holding force. Locks with higher magnetic force can be used to secure an outer door, while lower force locks can be used to secure inner doors.

Strike Locks
strike lock
strike lock
The Electric Strike lock is easy to install and are used to secure outer and inner doors, but does not prevent egress from an area like the magnetic lock. It replaces the fixed strike place in a standard lock. Like a fixed strike, it normally presents a ramped surface to the locking latch allowing the door to close and latch just like a fixed strike would. To exit from a secured area, the door can be opened by using a knob or level.

To simplify installation, it is important to use locks that require less than 500ma of current. This allows the reader to be powered over Ethernet. The electric locks from Rutherford Controls are examples of this type of low power lock.

Electric strikes generally come in two basic configurations :

Also called Fail-locked or non-fail safe.
In this configuration, applying electrical current to the strike will cause it to open. In this configuration, the strike would remain locked in a power failure, but typically the knob can still be used to open the door from the inside for egress from the secure side. These units can be powered by AC which will cause the unit to "buzz", or DC power which will offer silent operation, except for a "click" while the unit releases.
Also called Fail-open.
In this configuration, applying electrical current to the strike will cause it to lock. In this configuration, it operates the same as a magnetic lock would. If there is a power failure, the door would open merely by being pushed/pulled open. Fail safe units are always run using DC power.
Proximity Cards
Proximity Card
Smart Cards
smart card
smart card
Genuine Philips Mifare Standard 4k (with 32 application sectors) S70 card, ISO standard card size
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