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Apollo Fire Alarm System

Apollo Fire Alarm Control Panel

Apollo Fire Alarm Panel
Apollo Fire Alarm
Apollo Fire Alarm System Features
  • 1-2-4-8 Loops
  • Compliance with EN54 parts 2 and 4
  • Full Apollo XP95 and Discovery compatibility
  • Automatic recognition of Apollo or CEL outstations
  • Extensive mode change options by day / night and special group allocation.
  • Windows - based, full upload / download PC editor
  • 500mA output per loop with highly stable voltage platform,even under mains-failed conditions
  • Fully networkable with other voyager and discovery panels, Integra network repeaters and Integra alarm manager graphics system
  • Powerful processing and extensive panel and loop I/O capability
  • User - friendly controls and clear, unambiguous screen
  • Membrane facia with tactile switches
  • Complies with EMC and LVD Directives
Apollo Fire Alarm System Technical Specifications
Voyager 1 loop control panel
Voyager 2 loop control panel
Mains voltage 230V AC +10% -6%
Mains failed fault battery current 1 loop - 145mA 2 loop - 170mA
Mains failed alarm battery current 1 loop - 260mA 2 loop - 285mA
Maximum battery charging current 1.5A
Alarm circuits 2 @ 1A per circuit
Auxiliary supply 20V-28V @ 500mA
Weight (excluding batteries) 8kg
Dimensions 370mm high x 325mm wide x 139mm deep
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