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Pacific Security Systems in Mumbai, India

Morley Fire Alarm System

Heat Detector Repeater Smoke Detector
Morley Fire Alarm Panel Addressable Manual
Call Point
Addressable Control Module Addressable Monitor Module  

Addressable Loop Sounders

Addressable Loop Sounders
Morley Fire Alarm System
Morley Sounder Wall Mounted MI-WSD-R Features:-

• 3 volume levels selectable - Low, Medium and High
• Part Number : MI-WSD-R
• Morley IAS Protocol
• Colour - Red

The Morley Sounder Wall Mounted Unit MI-WSD-R is an Addressable Fire Alarm Wall Mounted Sounder unit that is specifically designed to be used on Morley IAS Protocol Fire Alarm Systems.

Using the Morley LPBW (Not included - see related products) first fix connection base, an electronics free first fix can be achieved allowing loop cable high voltage testing. A continuity spring link is provided to allow through connection when the device is not in situ facilitating loop testing, which automatically resets open when a device is inserted.
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